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Hard water affects homeowners across America on a daily basis. Untreated hard water can cause pipes and fixtures to leak over time. This may be one of the reasons your faucet is leaking. Because hard water contains abrasive minerals such as magnesium and calcium, your faucets, fixtures, and sinks are vulnerable to scale buildup. This can create problems with leaking and rust. Do you need to repair or replace your plumbing fixtures due to hard water problems? Contact your Colonial Heights faucet, fixture, and sink installation and repair team. We also recommend installing a water softener system to avoid further issues with hard water.

Faucet Fixture and Sink Installation and Repair Services Colonial Heights,VA

How can hard water affect your fixtures?

While hard water is not necessarily damaging to your health, it can damage your plumbing fixtures over time. Our plumbers can help you understand how hard water reacts with the cleaning agents in your home, and how it can result in corrosion and mineral deposits that ultimately damage the plumbing system. Faucets and drains can become clogged when this process is allowed to continue.

Untreated hard water can also cause stains in sinks and tubs that are difficult to remove using conventional cleaners. The accumulation of calcium and lime due to hard water can also impact water pressure and normal drainage.

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Why is your faucet leaking?

Hard water causes leaks in faucets when the rust spreads to a point where it cannot be removed with regular cleaning procedures. At this point, the interior finish breaks down, and water can drip and leak from any area where the hard water is causing excessive corrosion. There are other causes for sink and fixture leaks as well. Gaskets and rubber seals that keep pipes water-tight can become cracked and dry over time, leading to substantial leaks.

Our plumbers will pinpoint the problem and provide you with options for the most efficient and effective solution.

How can you keep your plumbing safe from hard water and other problems?

When hard water becomes a problem, we recommend installing a whole house water filtration system or a water softener. These systems are designed to filter out minerals before they have the opportunity to come in contact with your faucet and fixtures.

You can also reduce the pressure that your faucet endures on a daily basis by decreasing water pressure in your home to 65 psi or below.

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