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Top Steps to Ensure Clean Air in Your Home This Fall

While you were having fun in the sun this summer, your home’s HVAC system was working hard to ensure there was clean air available for you and your family. All the summer activities that we hold near and dear to us each season leave waste behind.

Things like barbecuing, gardening, and pollen cause pollutants that need to be filtered out. Each season comes with its own dirt and debris problems. With fall just around the corner, it’s important that the remnants of summer are properly cleaned out first.

This will help to ensure your home is best prepared to provide the cleanest air for you this season. Below are some helpful steps you can take.

Switch Out Your Air Filters

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t switch out their air filters as often as they should. Your filters have the important job of cleaning all the outdoor and indoor pollutants out of your home and should be switched out every 1-2 months. Here are some important reasons why:

  • airfiltersImproved Indoor Air Quality - When your HVAC system is working hard to keep your home heated and cooled, it can lead to a lot of dirt and debris accumulating in your home’s air ducts and system. Keeping your air filters changed out regularly keeps these pollutants out of your breathing air. This can be especially important for those with preexisting breathing problems, such as Asthma.
  • Allergen filtration - Do you have seasonal allergies? With the change in seasons, new allergens can enter your HVAC system. When you have a clean air filter it helps keep allergen particles at bay.
  • Mold - During the humid summer months, mold can form inside your air filters. Switch everything out to prevent breathing this in.

Only Use Non-Toxic Chemicals

nontoxicchemicalsWhile cleaning and dusting your home is certainly important to keep pollutants and allergens at bay, if you’re cleaning with harsh chemicals this can actually hurt your air quality.

Fumes from household cleaners aren’t good for anyone to breathe in. Try switching to a more natural form of cleaning this fall. You can purchase non-toxic chemicals in your local store, or you can make your own cleaner right at home!

Try mixing a cup of water, ¼ cup vinegar, and 2 tsp olive oil with your favorite essential oil. Simply spray it on to surfaces and wipe away the dust!

Don’t Delay - Check Your Home for Gas Leaks

checkforgasleaksYou should always be on the alert for gas leaks in your home. Natural gas is an important element to your heating and cooking systems working. But when there’s a leak, your entire household can be in danger.

Breathing in natural gas is not only harmful and potentially deadly, but it’s also a fire hazard. If you sense something in the air, smell rotten eggs, or hear a hissing sound, you could have a natural gas leak.

Call an expert technician in right away to diagnose, and evacuate your family from the home until the leak is repaired. Do you have questions or need help preparing your home for fall weather. Give Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. a call today to schedule your appointment.